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In the beginning...

In 2009 a magazine was started. It was unlike any publication out there. It didn’t start out telling you how you needed to improve yourself, or what you were lacking, or what you weren’t doing for your family. It was a magazine that told the reader that she was great, to take some time for herself, to have fun. Because if you don’t take care of yourself first, like yourself or enjoy life, how are you going to give your best to the rest of your life. And so…Chick’s Magazine was born. A dream that I had for years was coming true.

It was a magazine that grew in readership and advertisers. It was fun and engaging. It was snarky and sarcastic. It was humorous and inspirational. And it was mine. I planned the editorial, sourced writers, sold advertising, created advertising campaigns, designed the pages, took care of distribution and worked the website and social media. It ceased publishing 2014.

Now in 2016, Chicks Magazine will be resurrected. Not in print form, but on the web so that more people have access and can contribute. It will be more than what it was in all departments and I can’t wait. My baby is being reborn.

Reacquainting myself with past issues of Chicks Magazine, I am amazed at the quality of the writing, the timelessness of the articles and the FUN the magazine had to offer.

The renewed Chicks Magazine will consist of musings from its past publisher/editor in the form of a blog, reposting of old articles, comments from readers and eventually products that truly embrace the philosophy of this site. It will promote and repeat the ever true mantra of “Life is fun…pass it on!”

I hope you enjoy my Chicks Magazine and share it with your friends.

And remember...Life is fun! Pass it on!

Tracy Zwilling

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