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As the owner of an advertising/marketing company for over 20 years, I have worked with many types of clients and diverse teams on creative, marketing and branding projects. I have guided internal teams toward a vision to create a cohesive look and message with their advertising, newsletters, website, digital marketing and catalogs. I’ve worked with companies to re-create brands. I have consulted to develop and implement programs to different markets and across many channels including digital, social and print. 

I am an accomplished professional with broad creative design, marketing and branding experience in B2B and B2C. My skills include the ability to manage projects and work quickly with a flair for great design. My work is creative, innovative, enthusiastic and forward-thinking, keeping in mind the end-result needed for each project. My design experience includes advertising, catalogs, magazines, brochures, logo design, social media and online graphics/websites.

I am a creative problem solver with the ability to identify process gaps and implement proven sales and marketing solutions in order to drive growth. I offer a successful background generating media and public interest through creation of brand identity, media campaigns, public relations and client communications.



Tracy Zwilling
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